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The Patsy Torres Band is a high energy performing group of professional versatile musicians able to perform all genres of music besides the Tejano hits of their albums. Their repertoire is perfect for festivals and concerts.

The Patsy Torres Show The Patsy Torres Show is a unique personalized concert/musical program that focuses on the specific needs of the client. The show stars International recording artist Patsy Torres PhD. and her 9-member band of versatile musicians. Song selection is based on the specific event objectives and the desired messages to be communicated. Patsy is an “edutainer” who shares her scholarly knowledge and years of experience, mixing her talk with inspiring and uplifting songs to reinforce her topics. Individual topics for students include but are not limited to: Bullying, Education, Peer pressure, Family, Attitude, loss, Diversity, Self Esteem, Leadership, Relationships, purpose, Responsibility, and Faith. Patsy invites the audience to get involved and encourages faculty and community leaders to participate in the presentation. Dr. Patsy Torres is of Mexican descent with a Ph.D. in Education and Organizational Leadership from the University of the Incarnate Word. She has been an active advocate for youth and education issues for over 30 years. Patsy is one of the best-known and influential entertainers in Tejano music today with an international fan base, as well as being a high-profile philanthropist in her community. She has performed for live audiences of more than 100,000 people in Mexico, performed on national television for millions of viewers, and traveled all over the world winning numerous awards for her musical talents and community works. Patsy has recorded 13 albums and continuously releasing new material. As a Host or Keynote Speaker, Patsy is educated, knowledgeable, articulate, charismatic, poised, and highly effective with audiences of all ages. 1)As a celebrity and role model, she has an impeccable image and is known for her pro-education stance, family values, youth advocacy, and dedication to her community. 2)As a star vocalist, Patsy’s powerful vocals and versatility enables her to sing anything from Country to Rock, Hip Hop to Blues, and Tejano to Mariachi. 3)As a Latina leader, she embraces her Mexican culture and traditions, is bilingual, and proudly promotes awareness of her heritage as well as acceptance of all cultures. Touring, recording, performing, speaking engagements, community work, her ministry, and her studies, indicate there is no slowing down as Dr. Patsy Torres continues to take her music and the human spirit to new heights.

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